Off Road Hoverboard

Are hoverboards a mode of transportation of all surfaces? The short answer is: YES!
But it really depends on which hover board you ride. When hover boards were first introduced
to the public, people loved them. They were used in all different places in the world like mall,
parks, school and even airports. All of which have flat surfaces. That lasted for a short period of
time until people were asking for more from hover board companies.

As of recently, all-surface hover boards have seen a huge jump in popularity. They are
specifically designed to be ridden on all surfaces and in all different kinds of weather. So the
questions asked is, “What makes it possible for a hover board to travel on tougher surfaces?”.
The first aspect of a hover board to handle more challenging surfaces is the size of the
tire. Smaller tires tend to struggle with off road surfaces so it is recommended that you look for
larger tires to handle the surfaces. Standard hover boards have a tire size of 6.5 inches. That
can handle smooth surfaces and maybe some sidewalks. But for grass, gravel and other rougher
surfaces, a tire size of 8.5 inches and higher is recommended. Also, the material of the tire is
important. For normal riding, a solid rubber tire will suffice. But for any other tougher surface, it
is recommended that air-filled tires be used. The traction is far superior for both on and off
road surfaces. The only downside is that you have to monitor the air pressure for all your rides
to ensure safety.

Another important feature an off road hover board should have is a water and dust
resistant board. Riding on different surfaces means your board will have to withstand a lot of
wear and tear. It is important that the board is rated IPX4. The rating shows you that it is
resistant to dirt and water. Another important thing is that you should continually care for the
board. Cleaning it and making sure that all unnecessary objects that may be stuck on the board
will help with the longevity. It is also recommended that you buy a case for the hover board to
avoid drops.

Now, the most important feature when choosing an off road hover board is the motor.
While everything mentioned above is important, the hover board will not go anywhere without
a motor. In order to tackle the rough terrains, you need to have a good amount of power
backing you up. A normal hover board should have a motor of about 200W. But if you want that
extra power, it is highly recommended to go above and beyond that 200W threshold. The
higher the wattage, the easier the hover board will handle any surface.

Are all surface hover boards worth the money you will spend on it? We think so. If you
are looking for longevity in your purchase, then going with the off road variety is the only way
to go. You will get the best of both worlds when it comes to looks and quality.

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