Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It was late 2014 when I was sitting in front of my computer watching Apple’s keynote when Tim Cook introduced what would now be one of the things I cannot leave my house without. Before then, I was a casual watch wearer. I had a few fancy timepieces, one that I got a present from my parents and another that I got as a wedding present from my in-laws. But I only wore them on special occasions. My wrist was typically naked. Until that one day when I saw the CEO of Apple wearing that watch as he introduced the different features, I fell in love.

No matter how much I loved the product, I was not willing to pay top dollar for the premium Apple Watch, which was close to $500. But I kept my eyes open to see if there were any price drops.

One day, I received a coupon to Target for 20% off of any item. Before I read the fine print, I was sure that Apple products would be excluded from the discount, but to my surprise, it was not. So I confidently took the coupon to my nearest Target and headed towards electronics to find what I’ve been waiting for for so long. I was in luck! They had it in stock! The Target employee rung up the watch applied the discount and voila, I was the newest owner of a brand new Apple Watch.

The car ride home was filled with excitement and joy. My wife was in the passenger seat and could see how happy I was to go home, open it up and start playing with it. I got my little knife that I usually open my new gadgets with and proceeded to rip open the shrink wrap. I opened the box and there it was. Such beauty encapsulated in this little square shaped watch.

I proceeded to set it up. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. But I guess things this complex do not always happen as quickly as we want it to. While it was setting up, I started turning the digital crown, getting used to the feel of it on my wrist. Looking at the sharp images on the beautiful Retina Display on the watch was just amazing.

The setup process was finally complete! I was actually nervous to wear it. Maybe it was the anticipation or maybe it was because I did not want to break it. But that all went away after a few minutes on my wrist.

One of the features of the Apple Watch is receiving notifications and calls right from your wrist. I remember using my wife’s cell phone to call my watch and talk into my watch to talk back. It was amazing! I felt like I was in the old cartoon Dick Tracey where he had a futuristic watch that he used to talk into. Also, I remember getting my first text message and email alert. I could reply back without even bringing my phone out of my pocket. It was life-changing.

Another feature is the fitness tracker. I was typically never one to count my steps because I knew that I always got enough because of my job, but this actually gave me a visual representation of how much I was walking/exercising/standing throughout the day. You can also keep track of your heart rate as well. There are also achievements that you can unlock and rings that you can close if you walk or exercise on consecutive days. This proves how smart the people over at Cupertino are because it makes you want to achieve those goals which means you MUST have it on your wrist at all times. Genius!

Apple Pay is also a feature that is fairly new but something that I use frequently. Until you actually try it and look like a fool doing so, you will understand how convenient it really is. It works almost the same as it would on your phone without actually taking your phone out. Instead, you double-click the button on the watch and hold your wrist up to the card reader, wait for the tone to sound and you’re ready to go. Places like The Apple Store, Best Buy, Panera Bread and other participating locations are where you can use it. I remember getting a few funny looks from people in the beginning but now, it’s actually become normal.

In conclusion, I’ve had several people as recently as last week come up to me and ask me, “is it worth having?” My response is a resounding YES! There really is not much this thing cannot do. Is it perfect? No. There are things that they need to upgrade as far as software and parts of the hardware, but all in all, it’s a product that will be around for years and years to come.

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