Holiday Shopping – Hoverboard 2018

The holiday season is upon us once again and so is the mystery of what to get for your loved ones. If you have been listening to what your kids are have been asking for this year, you may have heard them mention a hover board. The first thing to come to your mind may be how expensive these boards are. I can assure you that you will be able to find a budget-friendly hover board that meets all safety requirements.
If you are looking to buy a great hover board that looks cool while not breaking the bank, look no further than the latest from Spadger. For just $139 on Amazon along with free shipping, you can give the board that will turn all heads. It has Bluetooth capability, which means you can play all the music while you ride. If you are purchasing this for a beginning rider, it features an auto self-balancing mechanism which helps the rider learn how to balance in just a few minutes. Once the rider has learned, they can take advantage of the powerful duel motor design which goes about 7.5 mph. And of course, if it is safety you are looking for, this hoverboard is UL2272 certified, which means it passes strict electrical and safety tests.
If you are willing to spend a little bit more money, TOMOLOO has come out with a great option that is sure to satisfy any riders’ needs. The aggressive design is sure to catch the attention of anyone. It features 6.5-inch wheels, which are on the larger side, that ensures that the rider will feel comfortable on the whatever surface they might be on. This board, just like the previous one, also has self-balancing technology which uses gyroscopes and acceleration sensors to ensure a smooth and safe ride every time. And as an added bonus, you can get free hover board bag with this purchase.
For the ultimate riding experience, we recommend the premium board from MOZZIE. This board costs $399 but comes with features are amazing. MOZZIE has really outdone themselves by featuring the newest technology of weight to board adjustment. The hover board will seamlessly sense how much the rider weighs and adjust the type of ride to provide the ultimate ride every single time. The battery installed in the hover board is a lithium-ion battery which has SafeEdge Lithium Phosphate Battery technology which means it will not explode under any circumstance. The board itself is a one piece board which comes with an auto-stabilization feature that prevents the rider from spinning out and also reduces the chances of any kind of injury.
Those are just three of the many hover boards that are on sale this holiday season. It is important to know which features to look out for when making this kind of purchase so read our reviews and articles to be in the know about all things hover board. Also, we will be updating our site with the best deals on a daily basis so make sure you check back with us. Happy Holidays!

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