iPad Pro 2018

Can a tablet really take the place of a laptop? Apple really wants you to believe that with
their latest release of the new iPad Pro. With its elegant looks and tons of power under the
hood, we may be closer to using a tablet as our daily computer than you know.
The new iPad Pro is the most versatile device on the market with its utilization of the
new redesigned Apple Pencil. It also uses USB-C, which may soon be the standard when it
comes to ports.

The iPad looks somewhat familiar but once you hold it in your hands, you will notice a
world of difference. It is sleeker, flatter and has angles that we have yet to see in an iPad.
There is also a spot on the iPad where you can wirelessly charge your Apple Pencil, something
that artists that draw with the iPad have been asking for.

The screen is marvelous! It has a 2732×2049 Liquid Retina display with 264ppi, which is
not that much different than last year’s model but that just proves that there has been vertical
movement in the technology. It also has features such as TrueTone color adjustment and
ProMotion refresh technology.

You will notice a size difference in the new iPad but only because Apple sliced off the
top and bottom with the removal of the fingerprint sensor. It comes in 11 inch and 12.9-inch
models. With that said, Face ID has been added onto this device which you will find in the
iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max.

With the storage options, we notice that Apple wants us to use this when tackling
photos on Photoshop. It comes with 6 GB of RAM but the entry model comes with 4 GB. We
also have the 1 TB option of space that is near twice as much as provided compared to last
year’s model.

It is also the little things that matter in this device. The sound that comes from the new
iPad is also improved. Each of the four speakers come with a woofer and tweeter which
provides the highest quality of sound. Also, a 12-megapixel camera is attached to the device. I
do not know many people who take pictures with their iPads but Apple has included it just in


The price may scare some people away but know that you are getting the highest
quality for the money. The 12.9 inch model that includes 64 GB of storage starts at $1899. If
you want to start at a more entry price, you can get the 11 inch for $799. Our best experience
bit of advice when trying to decide which option to buy is to go to your local Apple Retail store
and try it out for yourself.

In conclusion, the new iPad is wonderful. There are not a lot of tablets on the market
that can keep up with this beast of a machine. We also see familiarity and may very well be
looking into the future of tablets.

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