Saga Play F1 Self Balancing Scooter

If you are interested in taking your hoverboard experience to the next level. Look no further than the Saga Play F1 Self Balancing Scooter. When shopping for a hoverboard for your child, you should be looking over analyze every feature since safety is at hand. That is where this particular hoverboard shines.

If you are looking for a hoverboard that can ride smoothly on any surface, this may be the board for you. Whether in wet grass or even the roughest of surfaces, the Saga Play F1 Self Balancing Scooter will get you to your destination safely. This is only possible because of the design of the tire. The researchers over at Saga Play have invested hours into making sure that every aspect of the tires ensures great quality along with superb safety. And if that is not enough, the hoverboard is also waterproof which means that it is capable of riding long distances in the rainiest of weather.

The Saga Play F1 Self Balancing Scooter is also lightweight. That helps no matter what level of expertise you are in riding, to make sure that you are safely maneuvering through any obstacle with ease.
What makes the Saga Play F1 Self Balancing Scooter better than others on the market? This board has been through numerous thorough testing and is up to date on the latest safety regulations. We have all heard of hoverboards catching on fire as of late. You do not need to worry about that with this one. This hoverboard also contains two motors that allow for continuous motion even in the steepest of terrain. And like other brands, you can successfully, and with ease, move forwards backward and even spin. Saga Play also provides a limited twelve-month warranty to keep the owner’s mind at ease.

With any hoverboard, there are also a few negatives that we have seen as well. First, unlike other hoverboards for beginners, there is a slight learning curve when getting adjusted to this board. Due to the lightweight design, it may go a little faster than the rider is expecting. But once you adjust yourself to the board, it will become second nature. Another negative that we saw when testing out this hoverboard was that the battery does not last as long as we would have liked. There were several occasions when we were in the middle of a semi-long session when the board would give us the blinking signal to start a recharge.

In summary, we can with confidence say that the Saga Play F1 Self Balancing Scooter is one of the most advanced hoverboards on the market today. Combined with the ability to serve any skill level of riding with the safety certifications that the board has received, we know that this hoverboard will be on the top of any rider’s list for several years to come. The only way to find out if it is the perfect fit for you is to go and take a ride on it yourself.

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