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Hoverboard Battery

If you love your hover board, I’m sure you have been in a situation when you were riding down the street and you hear a beep or some kind of alert telling you that your battery is running low. Though this can be really frustrating, it is bound to happen since the hover board is a battery operated device. Let’s go through how long your battery will last.

If you want to get the most out of your hover board battery, the best way to find out is from the very beginning. When you are in the market to purchase your board, it is best to do your research first before spending your hard earned cash to get one. Some batteries last sixty minutes while others last up to four hours. It really depends on the brand. If you are not in that boat and you already own a hover board but you are disappointed with your battery life, it might not be a bad idea to carry an extra battery on you for those long rides.

So now you have done your research and you may even have an extra battery pack, here are ways to boost the life of your hover board’s battery. Like every electronic, the battery will work extraordinarily well in the beginning but eventually will lose some of its power. You may notice that you have gone hours in your first couple of battery charges but then performance will slowly diminish. Do not worry! This is normal for any rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One way to help save the life of your battery is to not wait until your battery is completely dead before charging it. It is recommended that you stop riding when the power goes just below twenty percent before charging to prevent any issues.

Another way to improve battery performance is to make sure the temperature of your battery is almost always cool. Of course it is difficult to do that since the hover board will heat up the battery, but when not in use, it should be stored in a cool area about room temperature. If it is stored in environments with higher temperatures, it might be dangerous and could potentially cause a fire.

Avoiding overcharges is another way to help improve the life of your hover board battery. It is a mistake that everyone will make and will continue to make. But if you are diligent with keeping in mind that the health of your battery is at stake, then you will remember to not leave the battery charging overnight. You must also remember to unplug your battery and not leave it to be charged for hours after it is at one hundred percent.

In conclusion, the life of your battery is largely based on the brand and model of the hover board and battery. The typical battery will provide you with a good time on your hover board. But you must remember to follow the guidelines listed above to ensure the maximum satisfaction of your hover board experience.